“Bringing the Gardens Indoors” Artist Code numbers 2311 and 2312

Posted by Tina on March 24, 2024  /   Posted in Original Artwork, Painted Wall Panels, Wildlife in the Garden

This was an unusual commission to paint two wall panels on canvas to then cut and fit between wall beams in a lovely listed cottage. Way out of my comfort zone, it took four times as long to complete as I had envisaged. But a wonderful experience nevertheless. Both panels measure nearly 50″ tall and 16″ at the widest part.

The Story behind painting Panel 1 “Bring the Garden Indoors” can be viewed here

Similarly, Panel 2’s progress “Bring the Wild Garden Indoors” can be viewed here

Here are a few photographs of the two panels’ installation, which in itself was a steep learning curve for me as I had to make paper templates by pressing old lining wallpaper into the shape between the wooden wall beams, then transfer these shapes to my specially purchased canvas which was silky and smooth and took 6 weeks to be delivered! Then I had to research the best glue for the job and learned all about fish glue and its archival properties. It is water based so that the artworks can easily be removed from the wall if needs be, and it worked a treat. The wall surface was extremely pitted and uneven, which meant that some areas of canvas had to be left unstuck in order not to stretch and damage the canvas and painting. I do not think I shall ever be easy about using acrylic paints. I never enjoy painting with acrylic nor do I much like the results—it will definitely NEVER be my preferred medium. The most nerve-wracking time was cutting the canvas to shape. Fortunately both times it went well and both are now nicely stuck to the wall (I hope for many years!).

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