Picture Profile 2411: “Stuck in the mud, eh?” (Snape)

Picture Profile 2411: “Stuck in the mud, eh?” (Snape). Artist Code 2411. Water colour on Aquarelle Arches 100% cotton paper 140lb. 12″ x 16″. Completed 18th May 2024

This is painting number 4 in a series of 6 painted for a special educational exhibition about the UK’s Coastal flora and fauna with the Natural World Art Group at the Visitor Centre, Norfolk Wildlife Trusts, Cley Marshes from 3 to 16 July 2024.

The resources for this painting came about when I was out with my camera at Snape Maltings, Norfolk in August 2020. There were a lot of visitors about so my husband and I walked a little way out of the busy buildings and found this touching scene of several swans combatting the low tidal mud flats near a boat mooring pontoon. One in particular was stuck fast and looked rather exhausted (on the right). The good news is that they all managed to battle through and made it to the grassy edge. The picture stayed in my mind and whilst searching through my archives for a coastal subject I found all the photographs I took at the time. This is fauna battling nature at its best, with an oyster catcher looking on—hence the [imagined speech] title.

See the first three paintings below – Seals, Curlew, Bee Eaters.

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