Picture Profile 2210: Lizzie Cockapoo

Artist Code 2210. COMMISSION Lizzie Cockapoo. Graphite on Aquarelle Arches 140lbs water colour 100% cotton rag paper 12” x 16”. Completed 8th December 2022

Received a lovely email on 16th September 2022: “Good Morning Tina, I came across your work at the recent Westmill exhibition and having viewed the commissioned works for pets on your website was very impressed. I have a small black Cockapoo, five years old, that I am interested in having a portrait drawing. Taking pictures of her is difficult as she is very active and obeys commands on a random basis. I am more than happy to bring her to meet you, she loves trips in the car, or I can attempt to photograph her. Please let me know your thoughts. Her name is Lizzie (she is also called lots of other names depending on what she is up to!)”

Sadly, at the time I was snowed under with other work and commitments, mentioning that I could not possibly do anything before mid-November. I forgot all about the e-conversation until suddenly another email came asking if I could now take on the commission and in time as a gift for Christmas.

Work had not slowed down but I thought I could manage a graphite drawing (much quicker than watercolour), so agreed to take it on. The commissioner provided the resource photographs and dimensions so that I could portray the dog accurately. It was a lovely digression from the intensity of botanical work and was a lovely thing to draw. Completed in good time for Christmas.

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