Picture Profile 2410: Suzy’s Seals at Horsey (Norfolk)

Picture Profile 2410: Suzy’s Seals at Horsey (Norfolk). Artist Code 2410. Water colour on Aquarelle Arches 100% cotton paper 140lb. 12″ x 16″. Completed 7th May 2024

A few years ago, my younger sister who lives in Norwich, had a special day out to the seaside and came across some seals at Horsey Gap in Norfolk. She took some wonderful photographs and sent them to me, with permission to use them as resources for any painting I might need to do. The title is in gratitude for provision of the resources which I would otherwise not have had access to. I did not find the seals easy to draw and paint, and I am still working on “seascapes”! But “Suzy” likes it and that is most important to me.

I am hoping to have some work selected for a juried wildlife exhibition with an educational UK “coastal” theme in July 2024. Sadly I did not have any seaside paintings so decided in April that I would try to paint four such paintings before end of June. This is number three of four (see first two below – Curlew and Bee Eaters). There is also a further element to the exhibition which is concerned with British wildlife, so I decided to try to complete a further two compositions to reflect that topic also – making six paintings in all! I am thoroughly enjoying the task as I have been painting lots of snowdrops in the last few months, and other botanicals, and these new artworks are a refreshing change. I am using the same limited colour palette for all of them in the hope that this will link them together.

See below for the first two paintings completed recently as part of the group:

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