Picture Profile: 0708 Cliffhanger Puffin

0708 Cliffhanger Puffin

0708 Cliffhanger Puffin

Artist Code: 0708. Completed July 2006. Original NFS. Graphite drawing on 160 gsm pure white paper. Unframed size A4.

Atlantic Puffin, Fratercula arctica, Thrift, Armeria maritima, Grasses, Agrostis spp.

Mesmerised by a television programme about puffins on Lundy Island, I was inspired to draw this lovely little bird – perched precariously on a cliff edge. This picture formed part of a front page design for a limited edition calendar entitled “An Artist’s Ramblings” in 2007 and a perpetual calendar.


Atlantic Puffin,perched on the edge,
Twixt thrift and grass on a high cliff ledge
Peering down to deep blue yonder,
He has no time to sit and ponder
Because little one calls from nesting hole,
“Please bring me food from sand eel shoal!”


0708 Front Cover to Perpetual Calendar featuring the puffin picture

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