Picture Profile: 1705 Artist’s Palette Clock – Nature’s Time: Winter

NFS: 1705 Nature’s Time: Winter Clock picture: Gardener’s Friend the Robin, Snowdrops and Holly with a black and white illumination.

Artist Code: 1705. Completed 30 July 2017. Artist’s Palette Clock – Nature’s Time: Winter. Painted on an artist’s palette shaped piece of wood. Original acrylic painting. Glazed with Acrylic Varnish. Time piece added after completion. You can see the little black hole in the middle which is where the clock mechanism is fixed.

This (and three others, 1706, 1707, 1708) was painted specially for my Lady Captain’s Day at Bourn Golf Club, 1st August 2017. Lady Captain provides the main prizes for this event and I wished to award the winners something different and special. I purchased the paintable bases from the Society of All Artists and managed to complete all four (Artist codes 1705 to 1708) just in time. Each paintable clock comes with its own timepiece mechanism which is slotted into the central hole after the artwork is completed. The theme of my Day was “Nature’s Time”, so I decided to do four paintings of the seasons. I also wished to include a bit of illumination design in the patterns on the clocks and this was done by copying the same pattern all around the edge of each clock, but then filling it in with the relevant seasons’ colours. This worked very well. As time was short, I used several tracings of previous artworks to help with each picture design. I had to use acrylic paint (which I do not like using much!) because oils would not have been dry in time. As I wanted the clock paintings to last as long as possible, I covered each painting with several layers of acrylic satin varnish which gave the clocks a nice sheen, rather than glossy finish. A wonderful project and I hope to do more to put up for sale on my website.



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