Picture Profile 2014: “Delilah in Daisies” Commission

Delilah Bulldog. Commission

Artist Code 2014. Completed 25th November 2020. Original water colour on Aquarelle Arches 140lb 100% cotton rag, 16″ x 12″. (10 Limited Edition prints)

Delilah is a beautiful young bulldog, sitting on her back lawn with interesting fence panels behind. The commissioner provided many lovely photographs, and the resulting artwork design was formed from three or four of them, plus one with the requested background on. There were no daisies in the resource photograph, but I felt the green, green grass needed something a bit extra, and the title “Delilah in Daisies” rolls beautifully off the tongue. This was a 2020 Christmas present to a daughter and her family from her parents, and was a real pleasure to paint. This is the first dog portrait I have done where I did not physically meet the dog, but the commissioner’s photographs were so good, I felt that I had met her through the “close-ups”. Delilah has a nice long Kennel name, but to her loved ones she is just “Delilah”.

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