Picture Profile: 0813 Garden of Lilies: Red Lily 5 of 5

0813 Garden of Lilies: Red Lily 5 of 5

0813 Garden of Lilies: Red Lily 5 of 5

Botanical Illustration. Artist Code: 0813.  Completed August 2008. SOLD Original water colour on Saunders Waterford 100% hot pressed cotton rag paper. Unframed size 9″ x 12″. Framed size 16” x 19”

Selected for the Society of Botanical Artists (SBA) Exhibition, Westminster Hall, London, 2009.

Original sold 28 May 2018 at the Babylon Gallery Exhibition of Botanical Art ICENI Botanical Artists.

This is the fifth of five paintings submitted to the Society of Botanical Artists in the second year of application to gain Membership. (The criteria is five paintings accepted for the annual open exhibition, two years’running, i.e. 10 paintings accepted over two successive years. View the first year’s paintings: Artist Codes: 0806, 0805, 0804, 0803, 0802) Number five in the series, all picked (with permission of course) from my neighbour’s lovely garden, composed to show the character of each plant and to demonstrate the wonderful colours and textures of lily flowers and leaves. (For other four lily pictures, see Artist Codes: 0812081108100809)


Velvet silk with line indent
Spotted stalk just slightly bent
Green buds at the top in line
Disperse below to orange fine
Then blood-red blooms with stigma gleams
Surrounded by the stamen beams
And onwards down as leaves are whorled
Down to earth the plant unfurled

The Ling Design Card


0813 Ling Design card 2011 to 2014.

This lily had the good fortune to be chosen as one of the 16 designs to be produced by Ling Design on behalf of the Society of Botanical Artists for three years from April 2011 to April 2014.  Email received from the SBA, received early December 2010:

Congratulations your red lily has been selected as part of the SBA range.” (Ling Design—Publishers of Greetings Cards and Stationery.)

Cards and notelets were available via Moonpig.com, Ling Design (wholesale) and at the Society of Botanical Artists Annual Exhibitions 2011–2014.

Red Lily, var. unknown was renamed ‘Alan’s Red Lily, var. unknown’ by Ling Design because it came from my lovely neighbour, Alan. He had lots of different coloured lilies growing that year which proved most useful for my five-painting project to gain membership to the SBA.