Picture Profile: 1302 ‘Molly’ COMMISSION

1302 COMMISSION ‘Molly’

1302 ‘Molly’ COMMISSION

Artist Code: 1302. Original SOLD. Graphite pencil on Bristol Smooth paper. CompletedDecember 2013. Unframed size: 9” x 12” [No prints].

This picture was a Christmas present for a special partner. The commissioner gave me a few photographs of this beautiful cat, which sadly had died a few months previously. The nicest picture was only about 2” square, but I obviously got it right because the commissioner (and the eventual recipient) was over the moon with it.


Oh Molly cat so sweet to see
Hogs the handset for TV
Sitting quiet on coffee table
Although we know she is very able
To spring and catch a bird or two—
Though tinkling bell prevents a few!