Picture Profile: 1209 Domestic Pride (George (ginger), Snoopy (grey), Pumpkin (tabby)) COMMISSION

1209 COMMISSION Domestic Pride (George (ginger), Snoopy (grey), Pumpkin (tabby))

1209 Domestic Pride (George (ginger), Snoopy (grey), Pumpkin (tabby)) COMMISSION

Artist Code: 1209. Completed November 2012. Life size original SOLD. water colour,  Aquarelle Arches, 100% cotton rag hot pressed paper, size 24” x 18” (61cm x 46cm), Framed size 32″ x 27″ [No prints].

Commissioned in late December 2011 as a Christmas present for December 2012, from a husband to a wife, as he had spent many hours looking for a suitable present for 2011. He saw my website and thought a portrait of three cats would make an excellent gift. The ginger and black tabbies are still around, but unfortunately, Snoopy has passed on. I worked from several tiny, old photographs of each cat and came up with this composition. Initial reaction from the commissioner upon first sight of the completed painting was: ‘Pumpkin and Snoopy are just right, don’t do anything else to them. But George’s face is not quite right’. This was as I feared, so, using my new ‘Woolleys Wonder Brush’, I lifted off most of the water colour, then spent another 5 or so hours re-working George’s face, which was then approved (and I was also a lot happier with it). The commissioner asked me to arrange for framing so that he could collect it ready to give to his wife at Christmas.

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