Artist Code 2312: Wall Panel 2 – bring the wild garden indoors
A variety of wild flowers from the Commissioner’s Garden. Acrylic on 100% soft cotton canvas. Wall Panel number 2, Completed 14th February 2024

Commissioned in September 2023, I was asked to visit a beautiful garden to take photographs of the plants which grow in it and produce two wall panels to fit spaces exactly between wall beams in a listed cottage. After producing an initial drawing for approval, I worked on the canvases to make the background the same colour as the existing wall inside the cottage, colouring both panels at the same time so that they were the same. Both panels are different shapes. Panel 1 is the largest and this Panel 2 although the same height of nearly 50″ cuts off half way and tapers down to a sharp point at the base.

This second panel represents the wild parts of the garden with a very limited colour palette and a sculpture of a deer which stands amongst the foliage.

The second panel will be installed mid-March 2024 after time to dry, seal and varnish. This is the panel before cutting and installing. I hope my paper template was correct!

This is the first panel (Artist Code 2311. View Picture Profile).

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