The [Roman] Baths of Bath. Water colour and pen and ink

Picture Profile: “The Baths of Bath” Artist Code 2202.

Artist Code 2202. Completed 8th February 2022.ORIGINAL Water colour and Pen and Ink. 30cm x 40cm Hahnemühle Fine Art 90% Bamboo/10% Cotton Rag 265gsm, 125lbs

This little painting is an illustration in the River Friend Series of little books. It is intended for Book 7: “Water: Clean and Dirty”. The Roman Baths at Bath is an ironic synergy—“clean” bath water becomes “dirty” when we wash in it!

Excerpt from the book:

“Each book in the “RIVER FRIEND” series deals with or introduces some aspect of rivers and their waters. This book is about the chemical nature of the water, clean or dirty, and also what this does to the plants which might—or do—grow in it.

Water. River. The majestic Thames, the rushing mighty Tweed or (Aberdeen) Dee, the rippling peaty stream or burn, the quiet meandering brook. Rivers all over the place. And the near-black smelly water of the industrial river (despite all efforts, not yet right, but slowly, progress is being made), and the unexpected bright blue (dye), red (dye), or even white (paper?) water which is so striking, even if so polluted. River water clean, moderately polluted, and awful—all over the place.”

Below are a few progress pictures:

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