A BIT OF HISTORY: Tina Bone (birth name Nettina, neé Starling) has been a professional artist since March 2005—after a “lifetime” of typing theses and scientific papers (late 1960s) and then as a self-employed desktop publisher. She was told by her primary school teacher in 1957: “You could be an artist when you grow up”, and has never thought she could not draw and paint purely by that little statement when just a child of seven years. After painting all her life as a hobby, Tina decided to become professional so that the burning feeling she felt of needing to be creative could be extinguished. Tina is married (1967) and has three sons. Tina’s three areas of subject interest are Natural History, Botanical Illustration, and Illuminated lettering with gold leaf. She works mostly in water colour. Whenever possible, Tina paints life-size, using live specimens or resource photographs she has taken herself, and from memory. She relies on many friends and acquaintances to let her use their fabulous photographs from wider travels, and she would never be able to paint exotic flora and fauna were it not for their kindness and generosity.

  • April 2023: Published eighth book in the River Friend Series. RFS8. VEGETATION CHANGES OVER TIME Is there Freeze Frame?  ( 80 Illustrations, ISBN 978 1 9162096 6 4. A5 Paperback 52pp.)
  • February 2023: Nominated for SME News UK Business Enterprise Award (see blog) (declined).
  • August 2022: Published seventh book in the River Friend Series. RFS7. WATER—CLEAN AND DIRTY. (98 Illustrations, ISBN 978 1 9162096 7 1. A5 Paperback 66pp.)
  • March 2022: Hybrid Orchid Beallara Taoma Glacier Green painting selected for Facebook banner page on Botanical Artists page. Artist Code 1208
  • February 2022: 12 paintings selected by JHG Jigsaw Puzzle Ltd to add to their Nature and Wildlife Range.
  • November 2021: Elected Chair of the Iceni Botanical Artists (IBA).
  • July 2021: From the RHS – “I am delighted to inform you that following the meeting of Botanical Art Judging Panel on 8 July, your botanical artwork has been accepted for exhibition at the RHS Shows.” [2022–2026]
  • May 2021: Selected for Institute of East Anglian Artists 2021 Online Open Exhibition, Holt Gallery. (“An Old Cock in a Tree at Woodbridge“)
  • April 2021: Selected for (EWA) National Exhibition of Wildlife Art 2021 (Online Exhibition – eight painting: Artist Code 2017, 1514, 2012, 1501, 1609, 1903, 1902, 1910).
  • April 2021:  Song Thrushes in Ivy painting featured on poster and in Royston Crow write-up for Royston Arts Society 2021 Online Exhibition.
  • March 2021: Production and presentation of Online Workshop for Clare Hall, University of Cambridge. Sunday 28th March 2.00–4.30pm. “Learn-and-Try: Botanical Art”. Included videos and stills, plus live narration on the day. Workshop was totally booked (30 students) within a few days of released notification.
  • December 2020: Published sixth book in the River Friend Series. RFS6. An Introduction to the WATER FRAMEWORK DIRECTIVE. (28 Illustrations, Paperback 60pp. ISBN 978 1 9162096 3 3).
  • October 2020: Published fifth book in the River Friend Series. RFS5. REED—ON THE EDGE (60 Illustrations, Paperback 48pp. ISBN 978 1 9162096 4 0).
  • October 2020: Blue and Gold Macaws (Artist Code 1501) chosen by Royston Arts Society to be on the online exhibition poster (with several others!).
  • June 2020: Published fourth book in the River Friend Series. RFS4. Interpret: What do Plants tell us? (130 Illustrations, Paperback 58pp. ISBN 978 1 9162096 5 7).
  • June 2020: Artist Code 1604 Received Highly Commended award in the Painters Online competition: The Artist and Leisure Painter (TALP) Open 2020 competition The Artist and Leisure Painter magazines in partnership with Patchings Art Centre.
  • May 2020: Artist Code 1602 chosen to front VE Day Video at Ely Cathedral.Today we celebrate the 75th anniversary of victory in Europe. It is the day which marks the formal acceptance of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender of its armed forces in 1945, bringing an end to the devastating war in Europe. Ely Cathedral with its tower and lantern proved an invaluable navigation aid to aircraft both Allied and German during the Second World War. Today the Cathedral is the home of the Roll of Honour which lists the names of 19,000 RAF airmen who flew from the surrounding airfields and 24 officers and 760 other ranks from local regiments who lost their lives. The building is still a sign of the Christian faith as a guiding light to the world of today and a memorial to so many who have given their lives. May their memory and that witness long continue. Due to COVID-19, VE Day services and events across the UK and beyond have had to be cancelled or postponed. We would like to take this opportunity to ask you to join us in both prayer and celebration led by the Dean of Ely, The Very Reverend Mark Bonney. Painting of Lancaster Bomber Flying Over Ely Cathedral (Picture Profile) – Credit Tina Bone.
  • December 2019: Published third book in the River Friend Series (co-authoring with Dr S.M. Haslam). RFS3. A Prologue to the Series. This Book is a Prologue to the whole River Friend Series which assists the reader in identifying common UK aquatic plants and provides explanations regarding freshwater plants and terminology mentioned throughout the series.
  • December 2019: 10th—Interviewed at home by Thordis Fridriksson Link to my Blog. (BBC Radio Cambridge and Norfolk, Twitter: @Thunderfairy). We discussed my botanical artwork and little wild garden. Scheduled to be aired after New Year 2020: programme 3.00–4.00pm Monday to Friday. Aired: 8th, 20th January 2020.
  • November 2019: Interviewed by Christopher South on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s “Great Outdoors” programme, 17th November 2019. Link to my Blog about the experience.
  • October 2019: “Three’s a Crowd, Sir!”, Artist Code 1910, was selected for a Top Twenty Artist award at the 2019 Cambridge Open Art Exhibition. It was featured in a special display at the Storey’s Field Centre, Eddington, Cambridge from 24th October to 22nd November 2019.
  • September 2019: Published first two books in the River Friend Series (co-authoring with Dr S.M. Haslam). RFS1. Drying Up; RFS2. Stream Story 1.
  • August 2019: “Robin and Mistletoe” painting featured in the Swaffham Visual Arts Festival 2019 Brochure.
  • May 2019: Wednesday 8th May 2019. My first effort at tutoring a painting workshop at the Corn Hall Diss, Norfolk. The class was limited to 10 students and 9 arrived on the day. A great day and most encouraging from a “teaching” perspective. View Blog of the day. Testimonial: “Thank you so much for a lovely lovely day, such a joy and you taught us so well, were so encouraging and also got round us all. Thank you for sending the invaluable resource cards, which as I said, I think would make lovely cards in themselves. I hope you now do more teaching as I will enjoy carrying on painting.”
  • January 2019: Certificate of Artistic Excellence (Highly Commended) Society of all Artists Winter competition (“The Grandchildren” – Artist Code 1403).
  • November 2018: Featured in the Royston Crow as Selected Artist to showcase Foxton Art Exhibition 2018. Details Here
  • October 2018: Certificate of Artistic Excellence (Highly Commended) Society of all Artists “Autumn” competition (Leaves and Fungi – Artist Code 1811).
  • September 2018: Certificate of Artistic Excellence (Highly Commended) Society of all Artists “Eyes” competition (Monty – Artist Code 1603).
  • January 2018: Published PDF of my second Catalogue of Artwork commencing with artworks from January 2016. Free Download here.
  • November 2017. Received an invitation to apply for membership of the Iceni Botanical Artists group. Elected unanimously.
  • November 2016 to December 2017 I had a year’s sabbatical – so no paintings produced and no exhibitions attended.
  • December 2016. White Lily painting being used in the decorative packaging for a new product from Grace Cole: Rose & Lily Luxury Floral Duo. Link to the picture history:
  • 12th August 2016. BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: Received a request from Joshua Kelly to join in a discussion regarding Bird Photography versus Bird Illustration. Unfortunately I was away so was unable to take part in this kind invitation.
  • Received notification that I may use an accreditation logo of the Patchings Art Festival 2016 as I had a piece selected for the exhibition in The Artist category. View logo and details here.
  • 28th June 2016. Peaches and Blossoms featured in Creative Coverage’s July 2016 Newsletter, advertising the 2016 Exhibition at Hinchingbrooke. (Creative Coverage – publicity for professional artists and Craftspeople, July 2016, p.1) Published in Creative Coverage Newsletter.
  • 18th June 2016. Three paintings featured on BBC Look East (Art4Africa Exhibition, Keysoe): There was a little film viewable until 7.30pm 19th June. My pink hollyhock picture; the Red Kites by Watts Wood, and my Pint of Science painting of 2015: The Guardians of the Mangrove Oyster.
  • April 2016: Joined with Dr Alex Copley (Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge) to produce an artwork to complement his lecture under the Pint of Science series. The topic was earthquakes and I produced an illumination with real gold leaf. (Purchased by Dr Copley – which was very nice.) View some progress pictures and the final artwork here.
  • Book Launch, Trinity College, Cambridge, 21st April 2016. My hand drawn maps had been published in the book: The Bengal Diaspora: Rethinking Muslim migration by Claire Alexander, Joya Chatterji and Annu Jalais (Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series) Published 2016 by Routledge, 2 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4RN and 711 Third Avenue,  New York, NY 10017,  USA. Routledge is an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business. Hardback ISBN: 978-0-415-53073-6; Kindle/Ebook ISBN 978-1-315-66006-6. Acknowledgements: …Tina Bone drew the maps with her characteristic combination of accuracy and art.… The book may be purchased from Amazon.
  • March 2016: Received a nice letter from TAPC (The Artists’ Publishing Company Ltd – The Artist and Leisure Painter Magazines) to say that my submission: “An Old Cock in a Tree at Woodbridge” has been accepted in the Artist Category for the Patchings Art Centre, Barn Gallery, 2016 Exhibition.
  • Jackson’s Open Art Prize Competition 2016. One of my paintings, Artist code 1516, has been selected for the online “Jackson Open Art Prize 2016 – Long list“. “We received an incredible 3100 entries, showing off amazing technique, subject matter, sensitivity, imagination, innovation, and skill. The standard of work made reducing them to the ‘long-list’ of 410 very difficult indeed.”
  • 1 February 2016: Featured Artist of the Week (1–5 February 2016). Cowling and Wilcox. Q&A feature and artworks shown on Instagram page (@cowlingandwilcox). View full interview here.
  • January 2016: To celebrate ten years as a professional artist (2005 to 2015), I have published online my “Catalogue of Artwork, Volume I” containing my work over the last decade for everyone to share. You can download it FREE here Download Catalogue of Artwork, Volume 1. Hard copies are available (Order Here), £20 each, plus postage. The Volume comprises 96pp and shows over 140 artworks, averaging 14 paintings a year over the ten years, as well as a short script about each work, some with poems for the paintings that have been used in calendars or books I have published.

Items listed above are from January 2016, and relevant items will feature in Volume 2 of my Artwork.

Relevant items listed below are shown in my Catalogue of Artworks Volume 1 (from 2005 to December 2015). 

  • December 2015: “Guardians of the Mangrove Oyster” published in: Pint of Science Presents…Creative Reactions 18th – 20th May 2015, Cambridge UK. ‘Our Society’. pp. 72-73. View Book
  • November 2015: “Digging for Mussels” (Artist Code: 1510a. Digging for Mussels, Gambia Mangrove Forest) published in the 2015 Cambridge Open Art Exhibition Catalogue, p. 2., number 36.
  • November 2015: Pre-selected for the Columbia Threadneedle Prize February 2016. “Guardians of the Mangrove Oyster” painting. Artist Code: 1510.
  • November 2015: Interviewed for the UK Handmade Online Book about the UK Handmade Directory. Mentioned on pp. 45-36. ‘BUSINESS: The Comfort Zone’ by Mich Yasue UKHandmade.
  • October 2015: Invited to ‘appear’ on the Jeremy Sallis show (BBC Radio Cambridgeshire) to talk about Nature, but we decided after discussion that, as I was not a ‘real’ scientist and could only perceive nature through the learned eyes of an artist, we would leave it to the professionals!! But very nice to be asked.
  • September 2015: Commissioned to draw topographical map (Tibet, Kham, China, India and Burma), and five outline maps showing ancient and modern elements within the converging borders of these countries, to be published.
  • July 2015: Shortlisted for the Ken Bromley Art Supplies Cover Competition.
  • July 2015: Commissioned to produce a large map of Bengal to be published.
  • April-May 2015: Assigned to Marine Biologist, Dr Helen Scales, in the Cambridge Pint of Science Lecture Series. Cambridge is piloting a scheme whereby artists are asked to produce a painting to be displayed during a lecture in a series of Cambridge pubs May 18-20.
  • March 2015: Commissioned to produce a genealogy map (family tree) and map of Dhaka City, to be published later in 2015.
  • 25 February 2015: Published two new hardback coffee table books (42pp) prepared press-ready by me, and beautifully printed and bound by Blissetts. The two books are a light read with pictures, prose and poems, one containing bird and mammal paintings (Feather and Fur – A Book of Pictures and Poems), the other botanical paintings (‘Petalacious’ [a word I made up!] – A book of Pictures and Poems).
  • 15 February 2015: Commissioned to hand-draw on computer a plan of Trinity College, Cambridge, UK. The plan will be published as part of an article in Construction History, International Journal of the Construction History Society.
  • 15 December 2014: Two of my paintings are featured in the Fine Art Trade Guilds email advertisement for 2015 Artists Exhibition. View.
  • 30 September 2014: My painting, ‘Gooey Gannets‘ was awarded ‘Picture of the Month’ by
  • 6 March 2014: My painting, Songthrushes in Ivy was a contender for the Fine Art Trade Guild best selling Artist Award 2014.
  • February 2013: Invitation from Mr Mark De Novellis, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections at the Richmond Upon Thames Arts Service, Orleans House Gallery, Riverside, Twickenham TW1 3DJ to submit work for 4 exhibitions during 2014. I am sad to say that due to other commitments I am unable to participate this year, but will in 2015, if given the opportunity. Tel: 020 8831 6000.
  • December 2013: Two paintings featured on the (Marwell International Wildlife Art Society) MIWAS website gallery: Plum-Tuckered Kool-kat; The Ladies are Listening.
  • 10 November 2013: Photographs and line art in: THE WAVING PLANTS OF THE RIVER, S.M. Haslam, M.A., Sc.D.(Cantab) Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge, England with other illustrations by P.A. Wolseley. ISBN: 978-0-9564692-4-3, Size: 250 x 190 x 18 mm : Extent 278 pages, Illustrations: 23 colour plates, plus tables, river maps and other line figures. DEDICATION: To botanists of the future who devote their lives to reversing the decline and destruction of river plants. 2013, Forrest Text, Cardigan.
  • 1 November 2013: Persimmon published online at Herts Visual Arts website: Luton Hoo Walled Garden in Conjunction with the Society of Botanical Artists are pleased to announce Arts Butanica an exhibition of Botanical Art by members and associates of The Society of Botanical Artists. View URL screenshot. Also at
  • 30 October 2013: Pink Pearls on a Velvet Cushion – published online 30th October 2013 at 11.00 at A unique exhibition featuring the work of 22 of the country’s top botanical artists opens at Luton Hoo Walled Garden tomorrow (30 October 2013). View URL screenshot.
  • 30 October 2013: Persimmon painting entitled ‘Fruit of the gods: a theme in the various’ (Dyospyros kaki ‘Fuyu’), published on front cover of the SBA and Luton Hoo Walled Garden ‘Arts Butanica’ Exhibition Catalogue (30th October to 6th November 2013). And ‘Pink Pearls on a Velvet Cushion’ is published inside, p. 8.
  • 22 October 2013: Received a lovely email from the Association of Animal Artists – ‘…We are very glad to hear that you are looking to take part in the Martin Mere exhibition in the next few weeks. I was just looking at your picture of the two birds below [Pearly King and Queen, Great Crested Grebes], and was thinking that it would be well suited to the publicity poster for this exhibition. I just wanted to ask if you would be happy for AAA to use the picture for this? (and of course I am delighted!)
  • 18 September 2013: My Persimmon painting ‘Fruit of the gods: a theme in the various’ features in the promotional literature for the Society of Botanical Artists/Luton Hoo Walled Garden Exhibition November 2013. Received a nice email – “Dear Tina, Would you mind if we use your lovely Persimmon on our latest promotional material? All the best, The Arts Team, Luton Hoo Walled Garden” VIEW LUTON HOO POSTER
  • August 2013: The following three paintings were included in the 2013 Catalogue of the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society’s 15th Annual Exhibition of Wildlife Art (including the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2013): ‘Tayabak with Critters‘ (p. 41), ‘Plum-tuckered [Kool-Kat] Lion Cub‘ (p. 20), ‘[The] Ladies Are Listening‘ (p. 21). These three pieces were selected for the exhibition, as well as ‘1 O’clock High’ (Green Woodpeckers).
  • 17 April 2013: Received a nice letter from Nicholas S. Law, Hon. General Editor of the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK, saying that my name had been put forward for inclusion in the Thirty-Seventh Edition of the Dictionary of International Biography. I am honoured to receive such an invitation, and grateful to the nominator. Website: IBC. International Biographical Centre, St Thomas’ Place, Ely, CB7 4GG. Tel. 01353 646600; email: Information.
  • April 2013: Painting code number 1208 (Beallara Orchid, Tahoma Glacier Green) featured on SBA Website in Gallery 3 on Society for Botanical Artists 2013 Exhibition, and printed in the Catalogue, p. 33, no. 69.
  • January 2013: Featured in Art Business Today, ‘Epson 4900 achieves high standards (p. 23) and ‘Business tips for Artists’ (p. 48). Fine Art Trade Guild, January 2013 ( Nature’s Gems May picture (Kingfisher and Iris) and Orange Lily featured pictures.
  • January 2013: Further commission request from Marwell Wildlife (cf. 5 flower paintings commissioned in March 2010, see below) for bird, enclosure and scenic artwork for ID cards and working boards for children. To my great disappointment, due to pressure of other commitments, I had to decline.
  • January 2012 to June 2013: Entered into contract with Felix Rosenstiel’s Widow & Son Ltd, 33-35 Markham Street, Chelsea Green, London SW3 3NR. They chose seven pieces of artwork for publishing and selling to the Trade as wall decor. Contract ended June 2013.
  • July 2012: ‘Canoodling in the Loquats‘ was featured in the printed National Exhibition of Wildlife Art’s exhibition catalogue, 2012 (NEWA).
  • July 2012 to December 2014: My painting entitled ‘White Helleborines & Chiffchaffs’ was chosen by Wentworth Wooden Puzzles to be in their Autumn 2012 Catalogue, No. 602506. The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company Limited, Pinkney, Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN16 0NX. 01666 840033, Email:
  • July 2012: Accepted an invitation from the Editor of Morven Press to be included in the 2012 publication (35th Edition) of ‘Who’s Who in Art‘. The first edition of Who’s Who in Art was published in 1927 by Art Trade Press Ltd, under editor Bernard Dolmen.
  • July 2012: Elected a Member of the Fine Art Trade Guild.
  • March 2012 to December 2014: My painting entitled ‘Canoodling in the loquats’ was chosen by Wentworth Wooden Puzzles to be in their Summer 2012 Catalogue, No. 592306. The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company Limited, Pinkney, Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN16 0NX. 01666 840033, Email:
  • TESTIMONIAL RECEIVED FROM ‘DOWN UNDER’ (Narara, New South Wales) 26TH JANUARY 2012: ‘Dear P & family, Many thanks for the Tina Bone card and desk diary, they really are wonderful. I thought she only painted flowers? but the birds in the diary are absolutely stunning together with her poems. I must leave a note to my great gran children to hang on to them, as Im sure they will become quite valuable.’ [It just made my g’day!! (TB)]
  • October 2011: Artists & Illustrator’s Magazine, ‘Picture of the Month’ in Portfolio section: ‘Canoodling in the loquats’, p. 28, Issue 305 (ISSN 0269-4697)
  • August 2011: Featured profile and paintings (Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and Winter Leaves at Wicken Fen) published in the MIWAS (Marwell International Wildlife Art Society) 13th Annual Exhibition of Wildlife Art catalogue (in conjunction with the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition), p. 29
  • August 2011: White Helleborines and Chiffchaffs chosen as Image of the Month. Email from Painters Online: “I am writing to let you know that one of your paintings from the gallery at has been chosen by the team as one of their favourite images added during July. As such the image will appear in a special panel on the home page of the site for the whole of August, and also on the page Gallery Images 2011. Thank you for your support of the site and for sharing such beautiful art work with us and other users of the site. We hope that you are happy for us to use your work in this panel but please let me know if not. We also have an area of the site called ‘Interviews with Gallery Artists’, it would be great if some of our chosen artists could complete an interview for us, then we will be able to link the 2011 chosen images to an interview with each artist. This painting was also selected for NEWA 2011 and sold pre-view.
  • December 2009-Ongoing (after viewing website): Approached to provide special prints for Interior Design Company (Project Art for sourcing and supply of art for public and commercial space, exclusively with interior designers and architects): Project Art Limited, Unit 4, The Quadrangle, 49 Atalanta Street, London SW6 6TU. Telephone +44 (0)20 7386 0040, Facsimile +44 (0)20 7386 0126 E-mail:, View Project Art Website. A4 and A2 prints (Orchids, Strelitzia). Latest special A2 prints for a ‘Palace in Saudi’ Comment from PA: ‘we were very pleased with the prints. Enclosed is a photo of your wonderful prints in their frames for our project…and we think they look really lovely.’
  • April 2011 to April 2012: approached by Gecko Rouge cross-stitch company to license pictures for cross-stitch patterns and kits (ran for one year).
  • April 2011: Received an enquiry from Marvin Broyhill, owner and CEO of Feenixx Publishing who publish “content-intensive” information posters which provide a comprehensive overview of the subject, presented through images and text. They have already published five bird posters and, “plan on publishing another six bird posters over the next couple of years.  Each poster generally contains 30-50 images.  [After looking at your website] I’m looking for an artist and hope you can help. If you are interested in working with us…”. Visit the website at Feenixx Publishing Unfortunately, terms were not acceptable.
  • March 2011: Three-year rights transfer from March 2011 to Ling Design,, SBA for reproduction of my red lily picture (number 5 of 5) renamed: ‘Alan’s Red Lily’ Var. unknown. The image will be used in the design and print of Greetings Cards and Notelets, to be distributed worldwide, and will (unusually) acknowledge the artist.
  • February 2011-March 2012: as a member of the Association of Animal Artists, invited (by selection) by Derby House Equestrian Retailer to supply prints of three pictures (‘The Ladies are Listening‘; ‘Ralph, No!‘; and ‘Monty‘)
  • January 2011: Received invitation from ‘Cambridge Past Present & Future‘ to quote to supply artwork for a new leaflet for Coton Nature Reserve. Unfortunately, the timetable was too steep, so I had to decline.
  • 2006-December 2014, freelance post: Chief Copy Editor, Journal of Modern Asian Studies, Cambridge University Press. ISSN 0026-749X. Editor: Dr Joya Chatterji.
  • November 2010. Asked by Orwell Gardener’s Club to give a presentation. I decided to run the story of how I was commissioned and took on the ‘Painting of a 2010 Chelsea Flower Show GardenThe Victorian Aviary Garden‘ by Philippa Pearson and Jonathan Denby. My talk lasted about 45 minutes and was very well received. I was invited to bring along artwork and cards etc., and sold quite a few pictures and other items, which made the hard work of putting together the presentation well worth while. (I had not used Microsoft Power Point before, so had a steep learning curve to get everything done in time.)
  • April 2010. Passion Flower Bits featured in the ‘Making a Mark’ website by Katherine Tyrrell who writes about art for artists and art lovers on her top art blog at
  • March 2010: commissioned by Marwell Wildife to produce five flower paintings as ID cards.
  • March 2010, Artists & Illustrator’s Magazine, Portfolio: ‘Passion Flower Bits’, p. 35, Issue 284 (ISSN 0269-4697)
  • 2007. Historical maps drawn by copying old maps, and designing some new for the distinguished scholar, Dr Joya Chatterji, Lecturer in History of Modern South Asia at Cambridge University and Fellow of Trinity College. Dr Joya Chatterji (2007) – The Spoils of Partition. Bengal and India, 1947-1967 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). Author’s comment: The maps have attracted very favourable comment!
    Map drawings for other books:
    Maps drawn in 2008 with reference from Dr Chatterji (re next paragraph below) for Samira Sheikh (2010) Forging A Region: Sultans, Traders, and Pilgrims in Gujarat, 1200-1500. 288 pages; ISBN13: 978-0-19-806019-2ISBN10: 0-19-806019-X (Oxford University Press, USA). Samira Sheikh is an Assistant Professor of History at Vanderbilt University.
    Dr Chatterji’s main fields of research interests lie in Modern South Asia: communal conflict, partition and independence, refugees, minorities and the transition to democracy. Her publications include Bengal divided. Hindu communalism and partition, 1932-1947, Cambridge University Press, 1994; (South Asia edition, 1995; South Asia paperback edition, 1996, U.K. digital paperback edition 2003; Bengali language edition, 2004.)
  • 2006-Current Webmaster: Design and maintain the following websites –
    Haddenham Conservation Society
    Juliet Gorman, Smoke-Fired ceramics
    Dr S.M. Haslam, Cambridge Botanist
    (Ceased September 2019) Academic Transcriptions
    (Ceased March 2014) Property Plus Lettings and Aardvark Student Lettings

    (Ceased end 2011) Algemarin Cosmetics
  • 1998-April 2011 freelance post: Designer and Typesetter for Tropical Agriculture Association quarterly journal. ISSN 1759-0604 (Print), ISSN 1759-0612 (Online).
  • Garden World Cup. COMMISSION. Artists impression of ‘The Frank Taylor Memorial Peace Garden’, designed by Jonathan Denby. To be published on the internet and in the brochure (October 2010). View painting.
  • RHS Chelsea Flower Show, 25–29 May 2010 Catalogue, p. 33. COMMISSION. The Victorian Aviary Garden sponsored by South Lakes Hotels, designed by Philippa Pearson and Jonathan Denby. Artists impression of garden (Show Gardens). Accompanying artwork for invites.
  • The Society of Botanical Artists Silver Jubilee Exhibition Catalogue, 16–26 April 2010, No. 54 ‘Passion Flower Bits’, p. 26 (also won a Botanical Certificate of Merit)
  • For S.M. Haslam: (2010) line art. In Press THE WAVING PLANTS OF THE RIVER. Forrest Press, Cardigan
  • S.M. Haslam (2010). A Book of Reed. Forrest Text, Cardigan, UK. ISBN 978-0-9564692-0-5. Preparation of manuscript for typesetting and some line art.
  • S.M. Haslam (2009) The Reed. Nature’s Gems August picture is published on the cover. Typesetting, a few line drawings for revised version of previous book (also typeset by me), published by the British Reed Growers Association (BRGA)
  • S.M. Haslam (2008): Design River Friend Logo, and some line art, computer graphics and photographs and text data for section: ‘A river in southern Spain’ pp. 314-317. The Riverscape and the River. University Press, Cambridge. 404pp. ISBN 978-0-521-83978-5
  • ‘Garden Fungus’ (photograph), ‘Your View’, Cambridge Evening News, 17 April 2009
  • The Wildlife Trusts (2008): design and produce camera-ready, A3 folded leaflet about The Fleam Dyke. Some of my paintings have been used in this publication: Red admiral butterflies; February NS02, wren and violets; April NS04 Small tortoiseshell butterfly; October NS10, spindleberry (download a free copy)
  • ‘Rise and Shine’ (photograph), ‘Your View’, Cambridge Evening News, 13 March 2006
  • Skipness, the Wider View. (2006). Joanna Gordon.Birlinn Limited, Publishers. ISBN 10: 1 84158 405 3; ISBN13: 978 1 84158 405 8. Prepare handwritten ms for typesetting.
  • August 2005, Featured in an article in ‘Homes & Gardens’ entitled ‘Tropical Mix’, Cambridge Evening News Supplement, featuring my flowering prickly pear cactus in the garden, and picturing my paintings entitled ‘Pink Orchid’ and ‘Baby Bloom Cactus’
  • May 2005, ‘Business News’ section of Cambridge Evening News featuring my ‘Queen Protea’ in progress, ‘Pink Orchid’ and Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)
  • COMMISSION (2004) Parakeets and hotel Logo for Le Paradis Restaurant and Hotel, Duxford, Cambridge (for signage and stationery).
  • COMMISSION (2004) New “Coach and Horses Hotel” built at Duxford, Cambridgeshire, used for external hotel signage and stationery. Pen and ink drawing of hotel buildings and Coach and Horses.
  • Understanding Wetlands: Fen, Bog and Marsh. S.M. Haslam (2003). ISBN 0-415-25794-8. Prepare ms for typesetting (Taylor & Francis), and some line art/diagrams.
  • COMMISSION (2002)  European Lizard, Pen and Ink Study. Commissioned by Dr S M Haslam (University of Cambridge) as part of a front cover for one of her books entitled “Let’s go and look after our nature, our heritage – a field study guide”. ISBN: 99932-0-204-5
  • Article in Tropical Agriculture Association Newsletter (now Agriculture for Development) ‘Fresh water and crops in Malta‘. In, Tropical Agriculture Association UK, Newsletter, pp. 25–29, June 2001. 40pp., ISSN 0954-6790
  • Full project management to design and produce artwork for cover of catalogue for Open Networks Engineering 2001.
  • 2000. Design and publish A4 Folded A5 leaflet for Fairhaven of Anglesey open day leaflet. Met with Lady Fairhaven and discussed requirements. Free hand in design—first draft accepted. New directions map was designed and digitally drawn from scratch.
  • September 1979, “The Three Horseshoes, Comberton”, Pen and Ink sketch as a preliminary drawing for a commission in oils of the final hunt meet at the pub, published in the Cambridge Evening News as part of a series of articles of local interest. (I was commissioned four times by four different people to do the same picture!).
  • Cambridge Evening News 1980, Pencil sketch of the old bridge at St Ives, Cambridgeshire.
  • David Leat, Thinking Through Geography, 1st edn, (1998, ISBN 1 899857 427) and 2nd edn (2001, ISBN 1 899857 99 0) . Text provided to me on disk. Remit was to design and typeset for ease of use by both teachers and pupils. 1st Edition Received Geographical Association’s Gold Certificate. Some comments: “A valuable book which will help teachers create exciting and memorable geography lessons” – GA Gold Award Citation “Should be bought by every geography teacher … The book is packed with good teaching ideas and materials. I am sure I would have been a better teacher with this book to help me!…a compelling read.” – Mike Pearson – GANWR Newsletter 15 “…will engage, stimulate and stretch students of all ages and abilities” – G A Gold Award Citation”…a genuine advance in curriculum development in geography” – Frances Slater – London Institute of Education
  • S.M. Haslam (2004). Design, typeset and supply cover photographs and drawings, some line drawings and diagrams/maps for book entitled River Kbir: the hidden wonder. Typeset and present press-ready files onto CD (for printing in Malta). ISBN 99932-0-295-9
  • Ditto. S.M. Haslam (2004): Wied Garnaw in Santa Lucija. A Field Study Guide. Santa Lucija Local Council, Malta. 38pp. ISBN 99932-0-339-4
  • Ditto. S.M. Haslam (2002): Our Nature, our Heritage. A Field Study Guide. Ministry of Agriculture, Malta. 52 pp. ISBN 99932-0-204-5
  • Ditto. S.M. Haslam (2001): Wied il–Lunziata. A Field Study Guide. Ministry for Gozo, Malta. ISBN 99932-0-086-7
  • Ditto. S.M. Haslam (1998): Chadwick Lakes. A Field Study Guide. International Tree Foundation, Malta. 50 pp.
  • Brief from Cambridge University Press was to design and produce camera ready copy for a volume, and fit into no more than 372 pages. The text was typed in from Author’s handwritten ms. All drawings (c. 900) were scanned in at 600 dpi, each scan had to be calculated to correct size for publication. As well as the whole design and typesetting of the book, I drew some of the simple drawings and diagrams either with pen and ink or digitally on-screen. Commissioning Editor’s words: “…a very fine looking volume….”. S.M. Haslam (1997) The River Scene, Ecology and Cultural Heritage, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, ISBN 0 521 57410 2 Hardback.
    Comments from one Reviewer: “Dr. Haslam has generated a fresh urge to look for more features in each and every river … she has produced more than just a simple introduction to assessment processes …should encourage field studies to take a larger view of the processes occurring in rivers and streams… I set out to review this book, but became hooked and read it from cover to cover in one session.” M. P. Ripley, Biologist.
  • National Extension College, Distance Learning GCE O level guides: drew all the illustrations for the courses on Physics, Biology and Chemistry; and some in Latin, English Literature and Language, French, Psychology, Geography and Mathematics (pen and ink drawings)
  • 1975-1985. Typesetter and Assistant Editor, Journal of the Medical Association for Prevent of War, ISSN 0265 2196. Some line art, mostly design
  • January 1974, Cambridge Evening News, first prize ‘Give Santa a sparkle’ competition. ‘The judges blinked in surprise when they opened the entry of Mrs Nettina [my birth name] Bone, of 18 Harbour Avenue, Comberton. Even the optimists among us didn’t expect to find a piece of newsprint transformed in quite such an imaginative way. As far as we can determine, Mrs Bone used poster paints [no—water colour!] and she did so to great effect. It made one realise how much more pleasant Great St Mary’s Church, Cambridge would be in a rural setting rather than surrounded by iron railings, street furniture and traffic. Mrs Bone was a clear winner in the over-21 section and it was her attention to detail and an exciting sky which impressed artist Bill Nunney, who drew the original outline. Father Christmas and his four-legged companion came to life and the judges particularly liked the delicate introduction of snow…not too little, not too much.’
  • Belinda Sly (ed.) Arrival Press Poets, Eastern Voices (1992). Poem p. 49 entitled:

    ‘I’d rather work from home’
    ‘I get up, I ponder, where to go from here? The dishes, the washing, make the beds?
    Or pretty myself up, put some make-up on, Ladder more tights; I’m so fat these days.
    ‘Eat some breakfast – no, two mugs of tea will do, Make hubby’s sandwiches (I wish he’d agree
    to let me make them the night before; but then, I’m too tired any way) what shall it be today?
    “‘Egg and beetroot; Cheese? OK. A quick kiss and off he goes. “Paul you’re late for school!”
    “Oh shut up mother”. “Jason, what are you going to do today?”’ ‘Make two more lots of sandwiches, Jam and peanut butter, yuk!
    I hear a thump as Paul falls out of bed, ‘Mr Big’ belches through the ceiling.
    ‘“Take the dog out before you go to school”, “Oh leave off”;
    “Just do it, he needs a run, I’m going now, please tidy up” – “That’s what mums are for”.
    ‘Scramble into the car, I’ve forgotten the disks, Rush into the house, Jason standing in his underpants,
    “What’s up mum, what’s the rush? Nothing’s that urgent.”
    I stop: I ponder, “What the hell am I doing? I’d rather work from home. Yes, I’d rather work from home.”

  • The Historic River (1991). S.M. Haslam, Cobden of Cambridge Press. Prepare camera-ready from handwritten ms, design logo for new press (Cobden), some line art
  • SONGWRITING: I have composed lots of songs and submitted several to the Eurovision Song Contest.
    To hear two of my songs: “A Little Reminder” (written specially for my eldest son, Peter’s, wedding)
    , and a Eurovision entry: “Experiencing Forbidden Love”,  please Click Here. In the late 1970s I entered a song contest for World Peace. There were over 2,000 entrants, and these were whittled down to twenty. My song was amongst the 20 chosen to be broadcast live on Maltese radio, and was placed 6th (there were five prizes!!). It was entitled: ‘As we sing merry music all over the world’.


  • June 2020: Artist Code 1604 Received Highly Commended award in the Painters Online competition: The Artist and Leisure Painter (TALP) Open 2020 competition The Artist and Leisure Painter magazines in partnership with Patchings Art Centre.
  • December 2019: Interviewed by Thordis (@Thunderfairy) Fridriksson of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 10th December 2019. Aired New Year 2020.
  • November 2019: Was interviewed by Christopher South on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s “Great Outdoors” programme, 17th November 2019.
  • October 2019: “Three’s a Crowd, Sir!”, Artist Code 1910, selected for a Top Twenty Artist award at the 2019 Cambridge Open Art Exhibition.
  • Wednesday 8th May 2019. Tutor, painting workshop at the Corn Hall Diss, Norfolk.
  • January 2019: Certificate of Artistic Excellence (Highly Commended) Society of all Artists Winter competition (“The Grandchildren” – Artist Code 1403).
  • October 2018: Certificate of Artistic Excellence (Highly Commended) Society of all Artists “Autumn” competition (Leaves and Fungi – Artist Code 1811).
  • September 2018: Certificate of Artistic Excellence (Highly Commended) Society of all Artists “Eyes” competition (Monty – Artist Code 1603).
  • November 2017. Elected member of  Iceni Botanical Artists
  • November 2016: Lady Captain, Bourn Golf Club (
  • November 2015: Lady Vice Captain, Bourn Golf Club
  • 2014: Dictionary Of International Biography 978-1-903986-41-7 (37th Edition). The International Biographical Centre, St Thomas’ Place, Ely,  Cambridgeshire CB7 4GG. The International Biographical Centre is an imprint of Melrose Press Ltd. Email, Website
  • 2012: (October) Entry: Who’s Who in Art, 35th Edition. (Morven Press, 16 Templars Firs, Wootton Bassett, Swindon SN4 7EN. Contact telephone: 0044 (0)1793 850487. Email : Web:
  • 2012: (July) Member, Fine Art Trade Guild.
  • 2010: The Society of Botanical Artists, Certificate of Botanical Merit (Judge Maureen H Lazarus).
  • 2009: (September) The Art of Illumination Course, University of Cambridge, Institute of Continuing Education, Homerton College, 20 Credits, level 1. Read Paper; View Artwork
  • March 2008-January 2015: Associate Member of the Society of Botanical Artists.
  • 2004: (August) Wildlife Illustration Course, National Open College Network, Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge, JB52EM002, 1 Credit, level 2.
  • 2002: (a) (September) Botanical Illustration Course 23-A004, University of Cambridge, Institute of Continuing Education, ACE Centre, 20 Credits, level 1. (b) (April) Botanical Illustration Course 01-9129, 10 Credits, level 1.
  • 2001: (September) Botanical Illustration Course 01-9109, University of Cambridge, Institute of Continuing Education, ACE Centre, 20 Credits, level 1.
  • 2000: 2, three-day courses, Cambridge University Botanic Gardens: drawing plants with pen and ink; spring flowers in water colour.
  • In the community (1988 to 1998): Parish Councillor. Secretary, Chairman, on various committees: New Pavilion Appeal and Recreation Ground Committee (Comberton), Manor School, Meldreth (Spastics), Swimming Club (Comberton). Tutor: Youth Club Leader. First Aider.
  • 1994: The Football Association Coaching and Education Scheme, Certificate of Football Leaders.
  • 1993: Eastern Region Ladies Plate Final, Cambridge City Football Ground, Referee.
  • 1993: Cambridge & Districts Schools’ Football Association, Referee, Under 13 Cup Final, Cambridge United Ground.
  • 1992: Cambridge & Districts Schools’ Football Association, Referee, Under 16 Cup Final, Histon Ground.
  • 1991: The Football Association, Referee’s Certificate, class 2 (first woman to obtain this level in Cambridgeshire).
  • 1989: Cambridgeshire Football Association, Referee’s Certificate, class 3.
  • 1988: (a) University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate: Spreadsheets (102), Databases (103). (b) Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology, The small business-keeping the Books short course.
  • 1986: National Extension College, Cambridge: Creative Writing.
  • 1985: National Extension College, Cambridge: Editing for Everyone.
  • 1978: National Swimming Association, Bronze Medal for Life Saving.
  • 1977: All England Netball Association, Umpiring, Second class.
  • 1975: (age 25, no course, just applied to sit the examination and was accepted). The Associated Examining Board, General Certificate of Education, O Level—Art Grade A, English Language Grade A.
  • 1974: The Royal Society of Arts Examinations Board, Stage III (Advanced) certificate in typewriting.
  • 1973: Folk Guitar Course Evening Class at Comberton Village College: (the next year I was teaching the adult class, as well as a class for juniors in the youth club. A great hobby was writing songs and having them performed by the College choir. I also formed a group with my three sons and other teenagers (Generation Link!) and we entertained people in senior citizen and less able-bodied clubs). I also entered the Eurovision Song Contest 3 times, but I now realise it was a ‘closed shop’! A song I wrote entitled ‘As we Sing Merry Music all Over the World’ came 6th out of 2,000 entries in a competition broadcast live on Malta Radio (20 finalist entries).
  • 1970: Holiday Magic School of Cosmetics and Beauty Care.
  • 1968: Pitman Examinations Institute 60 words per minute Shorthand; and 70 words per minute.
  • 1965: Cambridgeshire Secondary School’s Sports Association, Athletic Certificate.