Picture Profile 2015: Crab Apples in Polychromos Oil Pencils

Crab Apples are so cute!

Artist Code 2015. Completed 16th October 2015. Original Polychromos Oil Pencils on Aquarelle Arches 140lb, 100% cotton rag, 5″ x 7″. (10 Limited Edition Prints)

Even though I have had my set of 72 Polychromos Oil Pencils since 2017 (a lovely Christmas present to myself!), I still have not got the hang of them! I even attended a master class at the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens to help me learn how to use them, but half of this little drawing is all I could muster. I added a couple more apples and some leaves and finished it off at home. The final drawing is quite pleasing, and the colours are just about right, so I was pleased to actually finish it. I do not know the species of crab apple (and there are many types), so this is just a little exercise towards my Continuing Professional Development!

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