Picture Profile: 1016 Illuminated Letter Gothic ‘C’ COMMISSION

1016 COMMISSION: Illuminated Letter Gothic 'C'

1016 Illuminated Letter Gothic ‘C’ COMMISSION

Artist Code: 1016. Completed May 2010. Original SOLD. Water colour and¬†metallic gold powder mixed with gum arabic on Aquarelle Arches 100%¬†hot pressed cotton rag. Unframed size 9″ x 12″ [No Products].

This commissioner asked me to design and paint an illuminated Gothic letter ‘T’ in 2009 for a grandson’s birthday. T’s Mum liked it so much, that she herself had this ‘C’ for her birthday. Then C’s husband liked both so much, that he asked for a ‘D’ for his birthday! Although partly in the traditional Gothic style with make-believe motifs, in this design, I have also added a couple of realistic images. The overall effect I believe is cheeky, but still pleasing to the eye.

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