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COMMISSION. Artist Code 2001. “Love at First Sight”. Completed 2nd January 2020. (Kingfishers, Reeds and Daisies.) Painted on Saunders Waterford 140lb cotton paper 16″ x 12″. Water colour, Polychromos oil pencils and acrylic.

A commission to produce an artwork of a photograph of reeds which had been taken by the commissioner’s grandson, but with added birds and daisies. It was to be a birthday present for the commissioner’s daughter’s 50th birthday present.

The photograph had been taken on a very dull day and the background water was a really dark grey. I opted to add kingfishers – nice bright birds and likely to be by the water, and the daisies added a nice white contrast to the work. I also lightened the dark background (artistic licence). The commissioner was very pleased with the result, but then asked if I could possibly do another painting, but copying the photograph exactly as it was as she felt it would be a unique present for the mother, and something by which to remember her son’s achievement when young.

I was very pleased when she said that she wanted this picture for herself.

This is the resource photograph taken by the grandson:

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