Picture Profile: 1111 ‘Illuminated Letter Gothic E’ COMMISSION

1111 COMMISSION: 'Illuminated Letter Gothic E'

1111 ‘Illuminated Letter Gothic E’ COMMISSION

Artist Code: 1111. Completed November 2011. Original SOLD. Water colour and metallic powder with gum arabic on Aquarelle Arches hot pressed 100% cotton rag paper. Unframed size 12″ x 9″ [No Products]

Christmas present for a daughter. Received details of ‘likes’, which included birds, wild flowers, Cambridge, and Swiss mountains. Sketch produced for approval and accepted with no changes. The lower two birds are ‘kissing’ greenfinches, and the upper bird is a chaffinch. Poppies and pink-flowered bindweed complement the letter with Kings College Chapel central-left of the illuminated letter, and Swiss mountains cap the top of the design.