Picture Profile: 1211 ‘Harry the Hound’ COMMISSION

1211 COMMISSION: 'Harry the Hound'

1211 ‘Harry the Hound’ COMMISSION

Artist Code:  1211. Completed February 2013. Original SOLD. Water colour on Aquarelle Arches 100% hot pressed cotton rag paper. Unframed size 16” x 12” 

Things do not always go to plan. For the first time ever, I misinterpreted instructions and drew Harry sitting in the car – as per photograph provided; but I was then asked to portray him sitting in the garden. As he was already sitting on the car seat, I put him on to a ‘garden’ seat, with foliage behind.
I set to work after redrawing, and adjusting the size of the apple tree foliage behind but unfortunately the paper suddenly peeled off its sticking pad. So I thought I would let it dry, take it off the sticky pad and stretch it onto a board. However, upon removal from the pad, the whole painting curled up like a shrivelled leaf – useless! I had to re-draw the picture onto a new piece of paper (taking no chances, by stretching and sticking this piece onto a board straightaway) and made good progress, albeit a few minor amendments to eyes, nose and ear along the way. Final painting approved: ‘He looks lovely! Quite angelic!’.