For many years I sang and played guitar to entertain members of Senior Citizen and Less Able Bodied Clubs. It was a part of my life which I thoroughly enjoyed and loved to get the audience joining in and having a very good time. As they years went by my voice began to desert me, and now I can not sing at all – anything above middle ‘C’ and I just croak. I believe that is why I have been able now to devote my artistic talents to painting. I used to regularly enter songs for the Eurovision Song Contest so wrote quite a few. However, none were ever successful and so I used to sing them myself at folk clubs, and one in particular I wrote for my oldest son’s wedding service. Another, which is my second favourite (and was one of my failed entries for the Eurovision Song Contest) I collaborated with my middle son who wrote a lovely tune to which I put some words, then third and youngest son arranged it for me.

Click Here to see the words of, and listen to, my last Eurovision Song Entry entitled “Experiencing Forbidden Love”.

The Wedding song is entitled “Just a little reminder”. The words are below and click the bar to listen.

The first day brought heaven and earth, join together in re-birth
Pledge our troth to God’s sweet love, Embrace His presence from above
The second day brings powerful light, Joy in day, then peace in night
Wrestle with the comfort zone, extend His love to those alone
The third day parts the seas and land and plants and fruits replace the sand
The seeds of love forever sown, should gather all and bring them home
Should gather all and bring them home.

Day four brings heat from the sun, Moon and stars, when day is done
Collect the light to carry home, to share with others still alone
Birds are soaring, five days on, water creatures hear their song
Play the tune so all can sing, but some take longer to join in
Day six brought diversity, man to rule and oversee
To all mankind the gift of life, lend a hand to those in strife
Lend a hand to those in strife.

God looked down the seventh day, said, “That’s good, Yes, that’s okay”
They have it all; will live and die, Repent and join Me up on high
Holy day of rest and peace, langour softly in release
Come together all as one, home to each and everyone
Spill the beans, yes spread the Word, sing it loud and you’ll be heard
Spread His Love, His warm embrace, make the world a better place
Faith will save the Human Race!

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