Picture Profile 1808: Moon Eyes Tawny


Moon Eyes Tawny (Tawny Owl in the Moonlight). Artist Code 1808. Started November 2018 completed 3 May 2020. ORIGINAL – Acrylic on cotton canvas 50cm x 100cm. Sealed and varnished.

This painting was produced for my eldest son’s partner. There were to be some abstract marks all over the painting in line with another (very expensive) painting she had seen in an exhibition. I got this far with it and felt it was finished so sent it to her for clarification. Her reaction to seeing it was: “Hi Tina, OMG that is FABULOUS… leave it as it is, it’s bloody perfect 😍 wow, just wow xxx”. Praise indeed and very humbling.

This artwork was way out of my comfort zone as I find acrylics not the best of mediums to work with. But it was worth the toll and trouble just to see that my work was really appreciated.

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