Picture Profile: 0601a/0601b—Duxford Lodge Hotel. Commission.

SOLD 0601a: Parakeets logo for Le Paradis Restaurant (Duxford Lodge Hotel)


0601b Duxford Lodge Hotel. Commissioned for hotel signage and stationery

Artist Code: 0601a, 0601b. Completed June 2006. Original SOLD. Pen and Ink drawings on Smooth Fine White Bristol Board 300gsm paper. Unframed size A3.

I was commissioned to design Parakeets and hotel Logo for The Duxford Lodge Hotel and Le Paradis Restaurant, Duxford, Cambridge for signage and stationery.

This was a fascinating project which resulted in my visiting the hotel and taking photographs for resource purposes. The artwork was in pen and ink. Both drawings were used on the hotel stationery. The hotel has a very good name, with excellent service.

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