Picture Profile: 1002 commission. A House in Provençe

1002 A House in Provençe and Lavender Fields

Artist Code: 1002. Completed December 2009. Original SOLD. Water colour on Aquarelle Arches 100% hot pressed cotton rag paper.Unframed size 12” x 16”. Framed Size 18” x 22”.

Painted using various photographs supplied by the commissioners. I was asked to portray this picture in a particular style, i.e. typical soft water colour and pen and ink outlining. But once I had applied the ‘soft’ water colour, with the colours being so vibrant, I felt that the painting did not need an ink outline, and the commissioners agreed. A typical house in Provençe, with lavender field. A beautiful landscape with brand new wind turbines in the background horizon.


A commission to show sweet lavender blue
Which complements the bright sky hue
Showing sunshine, at noon-day clock
And shimmering, varied hollyhock
The shutters then provide cool shade
Hark, distant whisper of turbine blade

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