Picture Profile: 1411 Ruby’s 90th COMMISSION

Picture Profile

1411 Ruby’s 90th COMMISSION

Artist Code: 1411. Completed December 2014. Original SOLD. Oil on stretched canvas. Unframed size 12” x 14”. [No Products]

Commissioned by an uncle who lives in Australia as a Christmas present for his niece who lives in Cambridge. The portrait is the niece’s mother celebrating her 90th birthday. As this was to be a total surprise to both the niece and her mother, the uncle sent me a tiny photograph from which to work. It was fortunate that I play badminton with both ladies, so I spent a lot of time looking at ‘mother’s’ features whilst we were enjoying a game. I think this helped in the final painting and is probably quite unique in that the sitter did not know she was ‘sitting’! I received a lovely email from the niece saying that she was on the telephone to her uncle in Australia on Christmas day as she opened the painting and everyone said how wonderful it was. The commissioner requested a print to be sent to Australia, which was duly accommodated.


This lovely lass all 90 years young
At her birthday bash had lots of fun
If all eyes showed such pleasure with life
Our lives would not contain such strife
She shows us all with winning smile
A good life lived is well worthwhile