Picture Profile: 1507 – For me? Wow! (Kingfishers and Perch)

Artist Code: 1507. “For me? Wow!”

Artist Code: 1507. “For me? Wow!” Completed 22 February 2018. Original Water colour on Aquarelle Arches 100% Hot Pressed cotton rag paper (240lb). Unframed size 12” x 9”. SOLD private buyer November 2020

Light Oak handmade frame, 19″ x 16″, archival mount antique white.

1507 Framed Artwork

After seeing Kingfishers at Bourn Golf Club, I was inspired to sketch this drawing onto my fine art paper pad in 2015, then forgot all about it. I suddenly came across the sketch and completed it in February 2018. When kingfishers are pairing up the male usually offers the female a gift – and what a whoppa! Kingfishers can easily eat a “banquet” of this size. I think the male is being slightly hesitant as he has not yet turned the fish in his beak to offer it to the female head first. When that happens they become “mates”.

Several resource photographs from Roger Rowe helped greatly in the composition of this work. I also had a very damaged, old, deceased specimen in my “Critters” freezer which proved invaluable for the blue colours and legs, but unfortunately the orange had turned to brown. My memory-glimpses of kingfishers flashing past me following the line of the Brook at Bourn Golf Club where I play golf (most times I see one) helped with mixing that colour. But I have yet to see a kingfisher in the same colours (orange or beautiful blue)! The irridescence in their blue feathers in particular casts many hues. The background to this painting is modelled from a photograph I took of early spring vegetation in the lake near the ladies 5th tee at Bourn, the run-off from which runs directly into Bourn Brook a 100m or so away. The birds are depicted life-size; note the female’s lower mandible is red, whereas the male beak is all black. Beautiful, iconic birds.