Picture Profile: 1019 Pour l’Amour du ballet – du debut (‘For the love of ballet – the beginning’)

SOLD 1020 For the Love of Ballet The BeginningPicture Profile

Artist Code: 1019. Completed August 2010. Original SOLD. Oil on box canvas, set in shallow box frame. Framed size 17″ x 17″, 1 of Diptych with Artist Code 1020, 35” w x 17” h [No Products]

Sold to a private collector, October 2014.

As I sat watching television in 2008, a programme showing ballet techniques came on. Hubby had gone to the pub, and I sat engrossed with the beautiful movements of the dancers. As I watched, the sheer beauty and magic of the scenes made me want to capture the essence in a painting. The camera was sitting nearby, so I clicked away, not really knowing how the resource photographs would look. Upon checking on the computer, they were all grainy with lots of lines going across! Nevertheless, I could still appreciate the form, and still felt the beauty inside me. But it took another two years before the compelling urge threw itself up and I had to put brush to canvas, and two paintings emerged, this and 1020 Pour l’Amour du ballet – la fin (‘For the love of ballet – the end’). I discovered on 12 July 2011 that the two persons in the television programme were Carlos Acosta and Zenaida Yanowsky, dancing Romeo and Juliet. Both dancers were featured on BBC1 Look East, sitting on the ‘red bench’, talking about their latest dancing appearances. So it was very nice to be able to put names to faces – although I did not intend the paintings to be portraits as I could not see clearly the facial features of the two dancers in my grainy photographs.


Powerful love in beauty pose
Romeo and Juliet’s story shows
Embracing souls were wronged profound
Nought can render love unbound
Enjoying brief and strong caress
Cannot abate to make redress
Now as the darkness haloes tears
Tender looks derange all fears
As bodies feel the ebbing time
Trammelled bodies cease in rhyme
As all is still, the tale is spun
The audience shouts: “Bravo! Well done!”