Picture Profile 1515: Golden Pheasants and Bluebells

Artist Code: 1515. Picture inception 2015. Drawing done 20th June 2018. Painting started 10th May 2020, completed 24th June 2020. Original Water colour. Unframed Aquarelle Arches 140lb 100% cotton rag paper, 12″ x 16″. SOLD to private collector July 2020.

The inspiration for the background in this painting popped up whilst I was walking in May 2015 with a group of caravanning friends in the beautiful British countryside (Cotswolds I think) and we came across a small wooded glade with bluebells and young spring plants growing and the morning sun glinting through the gaps in the trees and hedgerows. There was an old wooden stump covered with moss and tree seedlings dotted about. It really was a beautiful scene. I had not taken my camera so am indebted to my friend, Martin, who allowed me to use his and I took some lovely photographs of the scene and surrounds.

The very next week I went to Kew Gardens for the first time (with my camera), and there I met up with some gorgeous Golden Pheasants. I snapped to my hearts content, thinking all the time that they would go beautifully with the bluebell background.

It has taken me from 2015 to 24th June 2018 to complete this work, which took 82 hours to paint (not counting the preliminary thinking and drawing rounds).

Golden Pheasants are around in the wild in the UK, but rare as their bright plumage makes them susceptible to death by wily fox! They can be seen all year round in small areas of England, Scotland and Wales, in forests and dense woodlands.

This is the original background photograph taken in 2015 whilst out walking.

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