Picture Profile: 1205 ‘Illuminated Letter Gothic L’ COMMISSION

1205 COMMISSION: 'Illuminated Letter Gothic L'

1205 ‘Illuminated Letter Gothic L’ COMMISSION

Artist Code: 1205. Completed April 2012. Original SOLD. Water colour and metallic powder with gum arabic on Aquarelle Arches 100% hot pressed rag paper. Unframed size. Unframed size 9” x 12” [No Products]. 

Commission brief: A special present for a friend who worked as ‘cabin crew on Concorde. She has a whippet called Daisy who is the love of her life and she takes her for daily walks along the beach which she lives opposite, often early in the morning when they watch the sunrise. She works as a guide at Arundel Castle, loves music both classical and Barbra Streisand! and reading, which latterly has taken a more historical leaning due to her place of work! She also has a special affinity with the USA and her favourite colour is blue.’