This Gallery contains artworks of Botanical illustration, Flowers and other florals and fungi, painted up to December 2022 back to pre-2007. If you would like more information about any painting, please click on the “Picture Profile” link. If you require further information about a particular artwork, please do not  hesitate to “Contact” me, quoting the Artist Code. Commissions accepted.

Galanthus “Queen Olga” Artist Code 2209. PICTURE PROFILE
Clerodendrum trichotomum “Purple Blaze” (Harlequin Glory Bower) Artist Code 2208. PICTURE PROFILE
Prunus “Mirabelle”. Artist Code 2206. PICTURE PROFILE
Iris bucharica (Corn leaf Iris or Horned Iris) Artist Code: 2205. PICTURE PROFILE
Dahlia: Bishop of Llandaff Artist Code 2204. PICTURE PROFILE
Viola: Pansy Delta Yellow with Purple Wings Artist Code 2203. PICTURE PROFILE
“Three Plucked Petals” Artist Code 2013. PICTURE PROFILE
The Jay’s Feather. Artist Code 2104. PICTURE PROFILE

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