Picture Profile: 0702 Ralph – No! COMMISSION

0702 COMMISSION: Ralph - No!

0702 Ralph – No! COMMISSION

Artist Code: 0702. Completed November 2006. Original SOLD. Graphite drawing on Aquarelle Arches 100% hot pressed cotton rag. Unframed size 12″ x 16″. Framed size 21” x 26. 

The owners of this beautiful labrador pup have given permission for 10 limited edition prints to be run from the original commission.

The reason for the stern title is that whilst Ralph was growing up, he was into anything and everything, and ‘No!’ was the customary call; and of course in this instance it is because of the poisonous fly agaric mushroom, bottom right where ‘Ralph’s’ nose is poised, precariously, to do himself some mischief. I accompanied the owners and Ralph on a walk through Sandringham woods, snapping photoshots along the way, which gave me the idea for the picture.


This pup exploring in the woods
Espied some scarlet white-flecked hoods
He ran to play and bite and chew
But guided by his master’s cue
He flopped upon the leafy ground
And meekly swooned without a sound (What a good boy!)