Jigsaw Race: Macaws (1501) vs Jade Vine (1201)

Posted by Tina on January 26, 2024  /   Posted in Jigsaw Puzzles

One of my jigsaw puzzle “fans” is sending me progress pictures of her latest requisition “Blue & Gold Macaws and Swamp Hibiscus” (view picture profile), so we are having a race to see who can complete their jigsaw first. I have chosen “Tayabak with Critters” (view picture profile) because the box was damaged when it arrived so I could not sell it.

This is my first few hours on Tayabak (colloquial term for Jade Vine):

…And this is the first layout of Macaws for my friend:

…So I am already playing catch-up! Progress for me has been very slow as other stuff has had to take precedence. However, my racing competitor is not having much luck either. Firstly she set out all her pieces in colour order, notwithstanding straight edges aside, then a grandchild came along and thought the pieces looked better all mixed together.

Look at Macaw’s latest “progress” picture—am I smug!!!


Well, that put me in my place. My racing partner has completed her jigsaw already and I have only just managed to do the outside (straight-edge very easy) bits! I toff my hat to my fellow competitor – a race truly won in magnificent fashion. I think I will stick to painting the pictures for the puzzles rather than trying to do them! Here are results at the finishing post.

Lovely words from the winner: “All done, I can go to bed now! Lovely picture, goes without saying of course. I enjoyed doing it, apart from the mishaps, thanks [pet cat], thanks [grandchild]!! Easier than 3B’s [Three New Blades] as different colour sections, but challenging enough. Nice being Matt finish as no reflection when doing it under artificial light, always a bug bear to me. Look forward to doing the Puffins [Puffins and Thrift]. Have a baked bean one plus a sprout one to do first if I can😱

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