Picture Profile 2011a: “Shire Horses and Foal”

Artist Code 2011a. Commission from 1982, just rediscovered.

Artist Code 2011a. COMMISSION Completed January 1982. Original Oil painting on board or canvas size 24″ x 34″. (No prints or cards)

This is a painting I did in January 1982. It was a commission in oil and the brief was “I love Shire Horses”. It has been bequeathed upon the commissioner’s passing and the new owners contacted me about it. This work was not recorded in my catalogue and I had completely forgotten about it. But seeing it, refreshed my memory and it is just lovely to see an old work done in my old, naive style with palette knife and paintbrush. I have titled it and given it an Artist Code (2011a) for my Catalogue of Artwork: “Shire Horses and Foal”.

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