Picture Profile: 0706 Sunny Sunflowers

0706 Sunny Sunflowers

0706 Sunny Sunflowers

Botanical Illustration. Artist Code: 0706. Completed September 2007. Original SOLD. Life size oil on stretched cotton box canvas. Unframed size 48″x 16″.

SOLD at the St Mary’s Church Christmas Exhibition, Comberton, November 2007.

I feed the birds in my little wild garden, and these lovely sunflowers popped up from the spilled seed spilled by the over-indulgent and greedy starlings which visit my feeders, so I painted them in their sunny glory.


I put out food for birds to eat,
In proper feeders nice and neat
But some seeds scatter to the ground,
and flowers pop up all around
Enticing birds to prance and preen,
The cutest dance you’ve ever seen!
Sunny Sunflower bows its head,
As petals fall, ’twill soon be dead
But lo, behold, another bloom,
Is shining out, and, very soon
A bud below will rip and thrust,
To bloom in gold before the frost!

I am only doing ten limited edition prints of this painting: Number 6/10 is the 7th print to be done so there are only three left in this edition. This is the “new-home-wall” of number 6 – absolutely stunning. It is a handcrafted box-canvas measuring 10″ x 24″. (Thank you to its new owners for sending me a piccy.)