Picture Profile: 1520 Group Meerhug (Meerkats)

DONATED: 1520 Group Meerhug (Meerkats)

Artist Code: 1520. Completed 2 November 2015. Original. Faber and Castell Polychromos Oil Pencils. Bristol Silk 300lb 12″ x 16″. DONATED: Blue Smile Charity, December 2019

(See 1512a for first picture attempt using the silky smooth medium of Polychromos oil pencils).

This painting was a little exercise to get the feel of these splendid oil pencils which I purchased in 2015. I found out that the trick is to put the light colours on first then darken with different shades. I used Prismacolor white as it appeared to be brighter than the Polychromos and, after smoothing, used a tiny bit of Turpentine and brush to make the covering more consistent. In my humble opinion, this medium is brilliant for botanical illustration, but not quite so good for animals and landscapes. But I enjoyed the task and the end result is quite cute and pleasing to the eye.

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