Picture Profile 2206: Prunus “Mirabelle”

Artist Code 2206. Prunus “Mirabelle”. Water colour on Aquarelle Arches 100% cotton paper 140lb. 25cm x 25cm. Completed 27th July 2022

This little painting was a successful submission to the Association of Botanical Artists (ABA) December 2022 Online Exhibition “Beauty in the Detail”  (December 2022 to May 2023).

The story behind the painting is that I played in a golf match at Haverhill golf club in June 2022 and dropped my distance glasses somewhere on the course. I left my details with the pro shop and it was remarkable that someone found them a few days later and the professional in the shop posted them to me.

(Ironically, I have just done the same thing at my home golf Club (Girton), and was lucky again that someone found them – this time all intact. So I have vowed now never to wear my glasses whilst playing golf!)

The glasses had unfortunately been run over by a trolley! However, the lenses were still intact so I took the broken frame and good lenses to a mender of such things at Over (Cambs). I had found an old pair of specs and asked if my lenses could be fitted to the old frame. The answer was “Yes” but that it would take about 20 minutes. So to kill time I went for a little walk towards the centre of the village. As I walked towards the village pond, these plums shone out of the thick hedgerow and I thought how beautiful they were. I took some photographs of the pond and on my way back decided to pluck a few small branches of plums from the hedgerow. A pre-requisite for the exhibition was to draw a large version of a particular plant or part of it with scale bars, which had to fit on a 25cm x 25cm sheet.

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