Picture Profile: 1014 Wine and Nutcrackers (formerly New Forest Foals and Mares)

The Artist Code 1014 has been reassigned to an ancient oil painting which I painted wholly with a palette knife as a present for one of my friends, who sadly died and her family gave it back to me. I thought that as it is so different to the work I produce today (2023), I would offer it for sale at my Cambridge Open Studios 2023.

Artist Code 1014. “Wine and Nutcrackers”. Oil on canvas paper framed size 13″ x 18″.

I did not record the completion date of this painting, but it must have been in the mid 1980s. In 1978 I had been invited to help Dr Margaret Penrose [Newman] with editing and typesetting the journal for “The Medical Association for Prevention of War” (MAPW) which came about by a letter in “The Lancet”, January 1951, pointing out the need for physicians to consider how they could help to halt escalation of war. Inaugural signatories to the letter included [Sir] Richard Doll, Alfred Esterman, Ian Gilliland, Horace Joules, Duncan Leys, Martin Pollock and Lionel Penrose (Margaret’s first husband – she later married Max Newman, the famous mathematician!). The publication was successful and was taken out of our hands, taken up by Wiley and Sons, then Taylor & Francis publishers. Margaret and I remained great friends until she passed away on 3 July 1989.

I tried to colour in this graphite drawing, thinking it would look better. Sadly I ruined it so it has been withdrawn from public view!

1014 New Forest Foals and Mares

Picture Profile

Artist Code: 1014. Completed March 2010. Original Graphite on Aquarelle Arches 100% hot pressed cotton rag paper. Unframed size 18″ x 24″. Framed size 22″ x 28″

The Caravan Club Millennium Caravan Site in the New Forest was in its infancy, in 2009 upon my visit, as far as planting and nature are concerned, being designed to encourage wildlife to live in and visit the park. Many species of bird visited the feeders, which were kept well stocked by the wardens and visitors! Ten minutes’ walk up the road and we were in the New Forest. We spent most of our nine days’ holiday walking around and were surprised at the very different habitats in such a small area. My  husband nearly stepped on an adder which was basking in the sunlight—unfortunately, we were both so shocked we were unable to take a photograph! But the New Forest Ponies were a wonderful sight, and seeing the pretty foals with their mums made each days’ walk extra special. This visit to the New Forest resulted in myriad resource  photographs of foals and mares, from which this artwork was designed. At some time in the future I intend to produce a water colour or oil painting of another scene in the New Forest.


A gentle scene of brooding mares
A tender mother suckling bares
As tails swish gently swatting flies
And foals rest gently, drooping eyes
But one young imp just wants to play
Can’t understand why others stay
on the ground in gentle peace
Yet stamps his foot, is all caprice
At distance now his mother sees
Whinnys softly to appease
And reassures her little charge
That time for play will soon loom large
As fevered sun begins to wane
In cool of eve’ they’ll play again.

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