Picture Profile: 1006 Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata)

1006 Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata)

1006 Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata)

Botanical Illustration. Artist Code: 1006. Completed February 2010. Original SOLD. Watercolour on Aquarelle Arches 100% hot pressed cotton ragpaper. Unframed size 9” x 12”. Framed Size 13” x 15”.

Sold at Monday Art Group Exhibition, Comberton Village Hall, July 2010.

This painting was selected for and exhibited at the Society of Botanical Artists 25th Anniversary Exhibition, Westminster Central Hall, London, April 2010. The silver ring is metallic ink on a raised gesso base. The background is a blue water colour wash and the flowers and leaves are water colour.

Many thanks to Alan Adams of Comberton from whose back garden I obtained the live specimens.


A ring of silver round the branch,
For botanic anniversary launch,
The SBA* has over time,
Provided floral art so fine,
Selected pictures hold the grades,
Their painted beauty never fades
*Society of Botanical Artists