Picture Profile: 1517 The Shires (Black heavy horses)

1517 The Shires (Black heavy horses) SOLD

1517 The Shires (Black heavy horses)

Artist Code: 1517. Completed 5th September 2021. Original water colour and gold acrylic ink. Aquarelle Arches 140lb 100% cotton rag paper, 12″ x 16″. [Prints available]

SOLD at the St Mary’s Church, Comberton, Christmas Exhibition 18th-20th November 2022.

Resource photographs for this artwork (and Artist Code 1518) were taken at the Soham Ploughing Championships 2013 by my husband, David. In the spring of 2015, I produced two line drawings of Shire horses and Suffolk Punches on tracing paper to transfer on to good water colour paper and then paint them. However, I received several commissions and typesetting jobs soon after sketching, so these two artworks were “filed” to be completed at a later date. In September of 2015 I had chance of a stand at the Suffolk Horse Society Spectacular at Elveden so hurriedly scanned the two sketches and made some sepia coloured canvas prints and cards, of which I sold quite a few on the day.

Having totally forgotten about the drawings until July 2021, when seeking inspiration, I delved into my “sketchbook suitcase” and rediscovered them. I felt it was time to complete the two paintings, primarily in water colour, but with black and gold ink.

A Calendar Poem (Tilling Turf and Nature’s Mirth, February 2022):

Majestic beasts of times before
The tractor, steam, machines galore
With sullen step, each tolling day
The sturdy shire its way did pay
With jangling brasses, glittering bright
Bringing back memories of delight
When so obliged to pull their weight
This splendid beast was farmer’s best mate

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