1801 In the Style of Eastern Art (Illumination)

Posted by Tina on May 06, 2018  /   Posted in Uncategorized

I just spent three glorious days at the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens – and the Jade Vine was still flowering (just!).

I usually attend a nice refresher course in all types of artwork once a year if I can, and this year I decided to join Georita Harriot‘s class to do a painting in the style of Eastern Art (Persian/Indian, etc.). It was wonderful, and this time I managed to nearly complete the flower part of my artwork—I usually only get a petal or leaf completed and have to do everything at home long after the course.

Here are the preliminary drawings and the painting so far. As you can see, I only have the background and border patterns to do—I hope I can remember the technique for filling in the background, and then applying the base colour before putting on the metallic gold for the border pattern. I am not sure when I shall get back to it because I am now having to start another flower painting because I shall lose the resource material otherwise (see next post).

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