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Posted by Tina on July 05, 2013  /   Posted in Uncategorized

My little wild garden seems to be good for visiting insects. We have a sparrow nest box (3 compartments) which has never been used by sparrows, but recently a swarm of bumble bees decided to move in to one of the holes (west facing), and are enjoying all the wild flowers in my garden, plus all the hybrids and other exciting species growing in Alan’s beautiful garden next door. And, this week, all the dragon fly larvae which have been living in the little pond the last few years decided to climb up the Kingcup (Marsh marigold, Caltha palustris) stalks and take flight. It was amazing to watch. One poor dragon fly did not quite make it because as it eased itself out of the larvae case it lost hold and fell into the water where it was immediately attacked by our myriad common newts – which took about half an hour to eat it all (except for the wings). Here are a few photographs I managed to take. Is not nature so amazing that it makes you feel something special when you see it!

NEWSBumblebee1 NEWSBumblebee2






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