Garden Snails and Herbs

Posted by Tina on July 07, 2013  /   Posted in Uncategorized

I am hopeless at gardening, so asked my lovely husband to kindly prune my herb garden as the plants were getting rather straggly and crowding each other in the tiny plot at the front of my house, beside the caravan! As I sat upstairs working in my office, with window open, suddenly I could smell all the aromatic herbs as they were being cut – wonderful! A big surprise, though, as these beautiful snails came to light, resting behind a large swathe of golden oregano. I do hope they can find another damp spot to be out of harms way. It is surprising that just a small thing like making life more comfortable for your herbs, results in another creature’s discomfort – sorry little snails. The good thing is that we do not have any songthrushes around to gulp them, and the blackbirds are too busy pinching the newts out of my pond in the back garden to take notice!

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