Slight Progress on “I Bow to my Queen” and Tawny is ready to fly

Posted by Tina on December 02, 2020  /   Posted in Original Artwork, Uncategorized

Not had much time for personal painting (Turtle Doves) because there is an unusually high amount of river friend stuff to sort out. Thank you to all those lovely people and organisations who are furnishing me with plenty of news about rivers and rare plants—it is all very much appreciated.

Here is the latest on the “Queen” and her Beau (Artist Code 2017. I know—not much to look at yet, but there are never enough hours in my day to do all that I wish to be able to do!):

And Artist Code 1808 “Moon Eyes Tawny” is now ready to fly to his new Lincolnshire home. All sealed and varnished with fixings.

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