Artwork for 2020 All shipshape and added to Catalogue

Posted by Tina on December 27, 2020  /   Posted in Original Artwork

I have just been updating my latest artwork to the website and my Artwork Catalogue to end 2020 and start afresh with a new website layout and shop in 2021 (hopefully!). The new website will have a much-needed “s” after its http! (Don’t worry about it if you do not understand that phrase—it is all automatic.)

I have just added the last Picture Profiles to the 2020 Gallery and all is now complete.

These are the four final paintings to be added for 2020. Two new and two rediscovered old ones from the 1980s (it is lovely that old works come to the fore and bring back memories—when I can remember that is!)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and that your New Year celebrations will be calm and collected, and shared with some loved ones. Let us hope that 2021 sees us rid of this awful lockdown calamity. Best wishes to all: Tina Bone xxx

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