Pint of Science 2016 – Update 5

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Pint of Science event • complementary artwork for a lecture by Dr Alex Copley

Getting on quite nicely, but painting very intermittent due to too many other commitments! I do hope I complete it in good time.

I decided to keep the colour palette simple: Cadmium deep yellow, Cadmium red, Hooker’s Green, Phthalo sapphire blue (this is a new one, and very nice), Sepia brown, and Titanium white. I will also use Neutral tint and Shadow tint.

The orange dotted lines in the second picture will be covered over with shell gold. I have read recently that the shell gold shows up much better if it is laid over an orange or red background – so I hope it works. The earthquake lines are a very rough indicator, so please do not use the drawing as a reference map!

Here are another few progress pictures, but please note that these are just quick photographs so some of the lines are a bit wonky, whereas in reality they are not, and the colours are a bit wrong too. But I think it is still possible to appreciate what is going on.

I used Sepia for the motif and pattern outlines, although it looks  black on [my] screen. It is actually a very dark greeny-brown.

The Elephant's World is done

The Elephant’s World is done

Orange dotted lines show roughly

Orange dotted “earthquake” lines.

Closer view of the earthquake lines

Closer view of the earthquake lines

Making a start on the outlines of the borders

Making a start on the outlines of the borders


More border work

Top border and dates

The top border and outlines the dates

bottom border

Bottom border started

bottom border 2

Bottom border is being filled in

Extended bottom border

Extended bottom border with traditional patterns

Some camel

A little bit of camel!

All the camel minus his beautiful apparel

All the camel minus his beautiful apparel

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