Pint of Science 2016 – Update 4

Posted by Tina on April 15, 2016  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Pint of Science event • complementary artwork for a lecture by Dr Alex Copley. Previous updates  

I now know that having a drink the night before does not allow one to successfully paint the next day! I only had one spritzer (Tuesday night) but found my hand was so shaky I could not hold the paintbrush properly (Wednesday). I only have about one drink a month, so this was definitely not right time, right place!
However, after a day of restraint, I report that the gold leaf has stayed on and I have made some progress with painting the motif. Here are two more progress pictures for your perusal:
Geographical motif showing colour contours

Geographical motif showing colour contours

Geographical motif with 'dark space'

Geographical motif with ‘dark space’

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