Palmengarten Exhibition, Frankfurt

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2 September 2014 – Whilst down at Rookesbury Park I visited a lovely place called ‘Bosham’ (pronounced ‘bozam’!) in order to deliver my four Original Paintings, Calendars, Cards and Coffee Table books for the Society of Botanical Artist’s exhibition at Palmengarten, Frankfurt. It was wonderful to meet a fellow Society member who, very kindly, along with her husband, will be driving to the venue in Germany, to take all the British exhibits. Click here for more information about the exhibition on the SBA website. Further details can be obtained from: Palmengarten der Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Siesmayerstraße 61, 60323 Frankfurt am Main. Tel.: (069) 212-3 66 89 und 212-3 39 39. Fax: (069) 212-3 78 56 Telefonansage: (069) 212-3 91 11. E-Mail:

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