Oh What a Lovely [Epson] War!

Posted by Tina on September 02, 2014  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Today [after 11 days off] I needed to print out six fine art limited edition prints. Managed four then the printer decided to break. After several power cleans and head alignments the magenta nozzle was still clogged (‘Oh what a lovely [Epson] war!’), so have had to call in the cavalry in the name of middle son, Jason, to clear the blockage. It is so wonderful to have clever sons who are able, like their father, to turn their hand to almost anything and come up with solutions, so I expect that normal printer service will be resumed later tonight.

Next week I will prepare ‘The Grandmas’ Picnic‘ for its travel and resting place to Australia. I shall miss it as it has been a great source of talk amongst visitors, friends and family and will leave a big blank space on my big wooden easel.

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