…Don’t forget the little things!

Posted by Tina on March 14, 2021  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Sometimes we wonder why things do not happen when we expect them to. I realised suddenly this morning that I had received no sales of DL Greetings Cards because I had omitted to press a particular button 30 times when setting up my shop page! Very annoying.

However, all is now well, so if you are looking for unique DL (ordinary envelope size) greetings cards for Easter or any time, you can now order them from my website (£1.50 each): VISIT DL CARDS PAGE

If you like a bigger card, there are also A5 CARDS available (£2.00 each)

And NOTELETS (pack of 6 little cards same design, £3.50 per pack)

And POSTCARDS (packs of 2, same design, £1.00 per pack)

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