Greetings Cards: DL


DL Greetings Cards £1.50 each

Designed and printed in-studio using Epson ultra chrome high dynamic range (HDR) archival ink on Photo Quality Gloss card 260gsm. Each card is individually trimmed, creased and folded by hand. Supplied with envelope and wrapped in sealed cello bag. Each DL card costs £1.50 plus postage.

Select an option from the drop-down list and the card picture will appear on the left. A thumbnail “static” gallery is in Product Descriptions below with identifying option number for a quick picture guide to each card.


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Product Description

If, when browsing the artwork galleries, you see a picture that is not listed here, and you would like it as a DL Card, please contact me and I will print it for you.

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Greetings Cards

0004 DL Card, 0009 DL Card, 0020 DL Card, 0701 DL Card, 0706 DL Card, 0710 DL Card, 0901 DL Card, 1003 DL Card, 1101 DL Card, 1104 DL Card, 1105 DL Card, 1108 DL Card, 1201 DL Card, 1204 DL Card, 1207 DL Card, 1302 DL Card, 1406 DL Card, 1501 DL Card, 1506 DL Card, 1507 DL Card, 1509a DL Card, 1509b DL Card, 1703 DL Card, 1806 DL Card, 1808 DL Card, 1901 DL Card, NS05 DL Card, NS06 DL Card, NS09a DL Card, NS09b DL Card


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