1703 ABBA Bluebells UPDATE (Worldwide Flora Exhibition 2018)

Posted by Tina on June 23, 2017  /   Posted in Original Artwork

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The weather was rather awful whilst I was trying to complete my bluebells; the photographs look a bit grey – that is because the light was very poor. Fortunately, I had mixed enough blues and greens to complete the painting as soon as I had picked the bluebells (and it was sunny that day!). It took several weeks to get as far as I have because other more pressing jobs got in the way, but I have now got it to the stage where I can finish it at leisure. Please see below for progress pictures, which need no captions:

1704: Stinking Iris

Then I had to start the stinking iris because they had come into flower a lot quicker than expected. Here are a couple of preliminary photographs, and I will post more progress pictures as and when….which is another story! Have a nice day 🙂



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