1703 ABBA Bluebells SECOND UPDATE (Worldwide Flora Exhibition 2018)

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The trials and tribulations of the weather sometimes have a huge impact on how a painting turns out – during the whole of the painting of this artwork the weather was dull: two things kept happening. Every time I sat down to paint the telephone rang; and the sun was nowhere to be seen. However, as needs must, I battled on under the greyness of clouds and the intermittent telephone conversations and completed the work. I have tried to show all the nuances of this beautiful little plant including ground habitat. Taken as one plant alone the bluebell is rather insignificant, but when seen en masse in a typical English bluebell wood, there is no other scene and scent that can stir the senses in such a remarkable way. It is such a shame this only happens once a year for a short time! Hopefully, my painting will at least remind folk of the wonderful seasonal event for the whole year.

I do hope you like it.

Below are the final run of photographs as the work came to fruition (some of which are rather dark due to the lack of natural sunlight), and I apologise for the various colours of the background paper which is Aquarelle Arches 140lb 100% cotton rag water colour paper. There are no captions because I hope the progress pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

And here is a little movie of the whole sequence of painting progress, just in case you do not have time to peruse the single pictures below:





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